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AI & Computer Vision Powered Construction

Site Safety & Security

About Us

VisoSafe Technologies is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider which has developed an innovative automated real-time monitoring platform for better safety and security on construction sites. Using state-of-the-art AI and computer vision algorithms.

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Safe and Secure

Problems To Solve

Our Solution

“AI & Computer Vision Powered Construction Site Safety & Security”

Detection of danger zones

Detection of the worker

Off-the-shelf security cameras

Intruders are detected, and security team is notified

Logs of the unsafe act & situations are automatically saved for later review

Detection of personal protective equipment non-compliance

Notifies the worker & supervisor

Saves time and money

Real-time alarms

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Latest Technology

Instant Alarm System

Use Cases

Resolution Coverage


Very Innovative!
Jan Masters
Safety Officer
Highly Helpful!
Highly Recommended!
Dan Ellis
HSE Officer

Our Team

Nguyen Nguyet Ngan Do

Chief Executive Officer

He is an accomplished software engineer and a technical architect with over 17 years of experience working in the software industry. He has worked as a Java developer, Technical Team Leader, Project Manager, Technical Project Manager, Principal Engineer / Scrum Master, Senior Developer, Principal Software Engineer/Technical Architect, Senior Web Developer and Payment Manager. As the CEO of VisoSafe Technologies, Mr. Do hopes to utilize his prior experience to satisfy both short and long-term company objectives and capitalize on any new business opportunities. His extensive leadership skills ensure the success of VisoSafe Technologies in the Canadian market.

Cao Nguyen Nguyen

Chief Technical Officer

He is a highly motivated IT project manager and developer with over 17 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked as a Developer, Project Manager, Onshore Project Manager, Product Manager, de facto Business Analyst, Senior Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Group Digital Product Manager. As the Chief Technical Officer of VisoSafe Technologies, Mr. Nguyen will build workflow and processes to ensure the success of teamwork and use the shortest path to achieve the target making him a strong asset for VisoSafe Technologies ensuring the tech advantage for it in the Canadian market.

Quoc Tuan Tran

Chief Engineering Officer

He is a skilled architect with 14 years of experience who has done extensive work in the field of architecture. He has worked as an Architect, Project Manager, Consultant, Lecturer, Shareholder and Partner. As Chief Engineering Officer of VisoSafe Technologies, Mr. Tran will plan and coordinate engineering projects and supervise multiple teams. His in-depth knowledge in areas of engineering and development will support and provide leadership, ensuring that all the systems, policies, and practices reflect core values and its ability to thrive in Canada.

Kien Dat Ly

Chief Operating Officer

He is an ambitious business director at a stationary firm with over 4 years of managerial experience. He has worked as a Sales Manager, Human Resources Manager and Director. As Chief Operating Officer of VisoSafe Technologies, Mr. Kien Dat Ly’s eagerness to excel and his in-depth operational knowledge will be vital for the company’s ability to thrive in Canada.

Thi Thanh Binh Nguyen

Chief Financial Officer

She is an accomplished furniture manufacturing business owner and a former banker with 15 years of experience. She has worked as a Head of Investment, Credit Control Staff, Chief Financial Officer, and Managing Director. As Chief Financial Officer of VisoSafe Technologies, Mrs. Nguyen would bring her strong financial knowledge and experience to help the company achieve its financial objectives which will significantly benefit the Company as it seeks to expand its growth in Canada.

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